Thursday, September 24, 2015

Wrock Mixtape Vol. 1


"WWF Superstars 2 Opening Theme" (Game Boy, 1992)
Jake Roberts Theme (WWF Superstars 2, Game Boy 1992)
"Trust Me [Jake Roberts Theme]" - (Jim Johnston, 1991-92)
Jake Roberts Promo (Sept. 1986)
Megadeth "Trust" snippet (From Cryptic Writings, 1997)
Tony Schiavone/Bobby Heenan - WCW Nitro 8-23-99
Death - "God of Thunder"  (Bonus from Human 1991)
Undertaker Entrance Theme (WWF Superstars 2 ,Game Boy, 1992)
Gorilla Monsoon, Roddy Piper, "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase - Undertaker debut (Survivor Series, 1990)
Venom - "Buried Alive" (From Black Metal, 1982)
Agent Orange Interview Snippet (1981)
Agent Orange - "Living in Darkness" (From Living in Darkness, 1981)
"You're Standing on My Neck [Daria Theme]" (1995)
Wipers - "The Lonely One" (From Over the Edge, 1983)
"Pomp and Circumstance [Macho Man Theme]" (WWF Superstars 2, Game Boy, 1992)
Waylon Mercy - Worm Vignette (Monday Night Raw, 6-17-95)
KARP - "Bacon Industry" (From Self Titled LP, 1997)
"Dipshits" Interview Snippet (From Kill All Redneck Pricks: KARP LIVES 1990-1998, 2010)
KARP - "Get No Toys (When You Pay the Money)" (From Suplex, 1995)
Soundgarden - "Big Dumb Sex" (From Louder Than Love, 1989)
Rick Derringer "Real American [Hulk Hogan Theme]" (WWF Superstars 2, Game Boy, 1992)
Ultimate Warrior Soundbites (From his legendary 60 Minute Shoot on Terry "Hulk Hogan" Bollea, 2011)
NAME REMOVED - Back with a Bang (From Back with a Bang/I Don't Like You, 1982) [Chill out Tumblr warriors, if Merauder covers it, I will put it on my GD mixtape)
Vince Mchmahon says a naughty word to John Cena (Survivor Series, 2005)
Jim Johnson "No Chance in Hell [Vince McMahon Entrance music] (1999)
Merauder - "5 Deadly Venoms" (From the 1998 Demo with Eddie Sutton)
Pentagram (Death Row) - "Sign of the Wolf" (live in Virginia 5-18-83, VHS Rip)
Radio Birdman - "The Hand of Law" (From Radios Appear, 1977)
The Mountie v. Big Boss Man Video Package (Survivor Series, 1991)
The Mountie - First Theme 
Jimmy Hart and J.J. Maguire  "What a Rush (Legion of Doom)" snippet 
Rush - "The Trees" (From Hemispheres, 1978)
Gary Hart - "Armaggedon Promo" (World Class Championship Wrestling, 1983-1986-ish)
Abdullah the Butcher (soundclip from aftermath of 1986 Vengeance match with Carlos Colon)
Lard - "Forkboy" (From The Last Temptation of Reid, 1990)
Kermit the Frog Introducing Alice Cooper on the Muppet Show (1976)
Alice Cooper - Halo of Flies (From Killer, 1971)
A collection of "Pyscho" Sid Vicious botches
Obituary - "Intoxicated" (From Slowly We Rot, 1989)
"Mean" Gene Okerlund says a naughty word (Summer Slam 1989)
Straight Ahead "Not Afraid" and "Right Idea" (From Breakaway 12", 1987)
Artificial Peace - "Wasteland" (From Flex Your Head Comp, 1981)
No Comment - "Hacked to Chunks" (From Downsided, 1992)
Terry Funk Soundclip (From Beyond the Mat, 1999)
Monster Magnet - "Nod Scene" (From Spine of God, 1991)
Dave Wyndorf - Interview snippets from German TV (1998)
Sonic Youth - "The Diamond Sea (clip)" (From Washing Machine, 1995)
New World Order Theme Song (1996)
Sleep "Dragonaut [Live]" (From Live in Denver, 9-5-10)
Monday Night Raw Original Theme (1993)
Koji Kondo - "Invincibility Theme" (From Super Mario World, 1990)
Dub Diablo - "Disco Headache Remix" (2000)
SpacEKrafT - "Convergence" (from  Jodorowsky's Dune OST 2010)

Additional sounds pillaged from Koji Kondo's Original Arrangements in Super Mario World (1990) and from the "Gifted" episode of Daria (1998.)

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Monday, September 7, 2015

Sunday, September 6, 2015


Vol: what the heck is this moron thinking?

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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Thee Dead Hesher Sweatpant Company


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Wednesday, September 2, 2015


When I first moved to Salt Lake City, I admit I was real snobby about their hardcore scene. This may or may not have stemmed from the fact that I saw Mental and Justice there while I was visiting colleges in 2005, and no one (but me) moshed. In time, I came to appreciate it for what it is and at this point, I really miss it. Maybe not for the hardcore, but for the mountains, the cost of living and quality burrito joints on every gridded corner of the city. Good skate spots too.

For all intents and purposes, SLC's hardcore golden age was sometime in the 90's when straight edge as a legit philosophy scared "normal" people (wrestling fans had yet to hear the term) and coremen un-ironically sported JNCOs and hair gel. You've likely heard crazy stories about the violent shit that went down in the name of drug free livin', animal lib, latent mormonism and whatever else put that scene on the map, but there's rarely any discussion of the music.

Here's a journal drawing depicting some of my favorite SLC records of times past. Fans who like a little more METAL in their core, take note. Beaver-cleaver youthcore types? Maybe not your thing, save for that Insight record. 

Xessive ForceX - Vengeance is Mine
Excessive Force - In Your Blood
XCLEARX - The Sickness Must End
XCLEARX - Deeper Than Blood
Reality - Something Hurts
Decontaminate - Cleanse and Burn
Lifeless - No Time
Triphammer - Triphammer
Insight - Standing Strong
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Friday, August 28, 2015

Appetite for Distraction: The Druid

Q: Mandatory work training: what choose ye for aid and sustenance in your journey?
A: Lord of This World b/w 
The Druid
Nain's Baptism

Recorded live 1979 at Radio City Music Hall New York City*

Within the oaken tower
exists the one with evil power
channeler of earth's frustration
the druid sleeps in meditation 

* Actually Recorded at Razor's Edge San Francisco, CA September 1991

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Friday, August 14, 2015