Saturday, May 25, 2013

O is for One Life Crew

I shan't bore you with the typical ra ra ra that accompanies a discussion of this band. It's like my grandpa says "You either love it, or you absolutely refuse to pass up any opportunity to show your distaste for it as an anonymous user on a message board."

I for one, happen to be a fan of this band's body of work. Politics aside (always!), I think Crime Ridden Society is one of the most essential straight edge albums of all time. If for nothing else, it has the most perfect ratio of moshability and speed for something in that time frame and region. Where too many "tough" bands try to get their sound across by relentless pummeling and open E, OLC inflected fast parts to make the mosh parts all that more satisfying. (gee, I just read that back to myself and realized how criminally insane I sound) Plus, legitimate anger. It's a great record. American Justice wasn't really my thing though, too many "jokes" and not enough cream, but anyway...

Anyway, just a little snippet from the band's official FB page. Good old fashioned Clevo trash talking (quite legitimate I must say) on the new Scab-Tegrity album. I can't back these grievous grammatical errors, but I can back blatant home team beef. Cleveland is still the most enigmatic hardcore city in DE WORLD!
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