Friday, July 15, 2011

They Live - Blurred (Dylan's Dumb iPod #1)

I've been kicking around this stupid idea for a while now....where I just press "shuffle" on my iPod, see what comes up, and then write about it. I can never think of anything to write, so I figure this is a way to get me writing stuff regularly. 

They Live is a band that my friend Jeff Likes. He likes fast hardcore. Really fast hardcore. Ultimately, I don't think They Live gets talked about enough. Most fast bands (and I think most people would call They Live a powerviolence band) sound almost exactly the same...but They Live had a unique sound and carved their own lane. Plus, Blurred is an essential 8 minutes of blazing-fast hardcore. Somehow, these files that I got weren't named, only the side and track number. Oh well. This is a pretty cool song. Not much to talk about. Just really fast.

Jeff also has some tracks of them covering Project X and Turning Point. If my friend Keith were writing this, he'd make sure to talk about how "They Live" is actually the name of a horror movie...but I'm not a horror movie buff at all. That stuff just terrifies me.

Also, I heard a story about how the singer from this band lit his face on fire at a show in Canada? I think I can substantiate it with an old issue of Town of Hardcore, but I'm not sure.

Since I honestly can't find a single picture of Blurred online (one that isn't the size of a postage stamp) I'm just going to post this one instead.

As far as I know, you can still get Blurred pretty easily, so poke around. If you're a Euro, they have them in the Feral Ward Store.

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