Thursday, November 3, 2011

Quicksand - "Tell Them Anything (demo)" (Dylan's Dumb iPod #7)

As far as I know, this song never saw a proper release. I got it from some blog that had a whole bunch of B-Sides and rarities assembled. Normally I don't dig B-sides. They didn't make it to the
"real" album for a reason, and only annoying dorks go into histrionics over B-sides. (Overzealous Alkaline Trio and Hot Water Music fans, take note). Still, I'm a huge Quicksand fan, and they have a discography that's small enough to fully digest without too many problems. Like Nirvana...or a fast food meal. I can dig it.

A few thoughts:

A) I'm not sure what year this song is from, but probably 1998 or 1999 since they broke up in '99. I'm guessing this is a scrapped demo session for the new album that was to come out when they decided to reform for a bit.

B) For a demo session, it sounds pretty much like standard Quicksand studio material. Chunky riffs, Sergio Vega's grinding bass, a little o' that "Loud Quiet Loud" dynamic. It could have fit pretty easily on Manic Compression.c) These unreleased songs sound a little more hurt, a little bit more "brooding" than other material. Just a dorky observation on my part.
D) Walter Shriefels is an incredible musician and all of his bands are great.
There aren't any vids of this song, but here's a link to that B-Sides and Rarities comp that I found.
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