Friday, April 6, 2012

Life's Blood - "Youth Enrage" (Dylan's Dumb iPod #12)

This particular cut's from some Don Fury sessions, a guy that every band worth their salt (and some who aren't) has recorded with. You can find 'em all online as one big long MP3, but the kind folks at Blogged and Quartered separated 'em out and selected the best dozen to include. Good site, backtard. They still making stuff?
I think I might actually prefer this version slightly more than the one on Defiance but what do I know? Jason O'Toole's vocals have always been Life's Blood's key element, the ferocious blend of an East Coast hardcore shout and melodic oi yelp. Still, Life's Blood has a continuing legacy amid some varied influences and seeing 'em pop up is always a trip. They get a good following from Japcore enthusiasts, Skins, NYHC nerdarios and old punkers. Honestly, I think I generally found out about 'em through MK-Ultra covering "It's Not in Our Heart." Like a less fruity (and preachy) Fugazi, the Life's Blood banner is one that lots of us misanthropic goofballs could fly.

Please stop turning your kids into bumper stickers.

I like to think of "Youth Enrage" as sort of a "dark side of the force" to the Saccharine-posi tomfoolery of "Young Til I Die" cuz it's a titch more pessimistic and angry (the potent ingredient that 7 Seconds generally lacked), nastier in riff and tone and about being a kid. The boot camp/pencil on a desk drumming is killer and I like how O' Toole wobbles slightly out of rhythm at the "Youth Enrage to strain and strive" bit near the end. Prank's supposed to be giving all this Life's Blood stuff the vinyl once-over in the near future, so keep your peepers peeled for that...or keep posing. Life's Blood can't be beat.
Young til' I die, ay Kev?Young 'til I die, ay Kev?

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