Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Faith - "Limitations" (Dylan's Dumb iPod #15)

Alec Mackaye is probably most famous for being Ian Mackaye's little brother and for being the actual figure on the cover of the Minor Threat album, but he should get a little more credit for being a part of one of Dischord's lesser praised releases, the Faith/Void split.

Brotherly Love

"Limitations" comes from the Subject to Change EP though, a record which experimented with a little more melody, and basically provided the farm roster for what would mutate into that "Revolution Summer" / Emocore thing that would become Dischord's new signature.

"Limitations" is a simple punk song, about not being good at things (something I relate to), made all the more potent by the fact that The Faith were fairly critical of the scene that spawned them ("You're X'd" was a critique of straight edge).

The song has a piercing vocal presence, and kind of gets off kilter at the 0:35 mark, as Alec haplessly tries to keep up with the band, endearing it more than hampering it.

Whether they were one of the last bands of Dischord's "first wave" or the flagship of the second, The Faith acted as a sort of "transitory" period for a new style and a new crop and an essential band for those interested in one of hardcore's most vital periods.

(Copyright Dischord records, 1980-something, ya ya ya)

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