Sunday, November 25, 2012

Free Spirit 2012 Demo (Demo Dogz #5)

Pink-Hand Sandies

Free Spirit doesn't need an introduction, but this demo does. Woah. It's a little teaser for the forthcoming 12" (which promises to be a stomper) and I'm going to say it showcases a bit of a "darker side" for them. 

The vocals are way nastier and burlier (I should know this, but is that Gil singing? It sounds quite a bit different than on other releases) and the drums have Paincave mitts all over them. I get vibes from Alone in a Crowd (mostly in the lyrics) and the mosh bits remind me of Uniform Choice. Why do so many people hate this band again? I don't know. Screaming for Change is perfect.

Dig the artwork too. Pink is punx and so are hand-drawn graphics of fists. The cursive lettering is a cool Straight Ahead homage (maybe?) too. 

Anyway, a really muddy version of "Casting Down" was featured on the Joy Boy Mixtape Vol. III, but this one's a lot cleaner. Opening riff rules and the back and forth vocal trick is clutch. "Control You" has a bit of a funky backbeat with an ironclad mosher, and both "Figure You Out" and "Selfish" showcase great divebombs (and the latter really reminds me of UC's "Scream to Say").

Very excited for the upcoming full-length. These are my favorite songs they've done so far.

Cassettes are only available at the shows, so the journeymen can have their pic, but for those of us not in the city-limits, we can take a samplin' here.
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