Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkey Lurkey #2: Thanksgiving Hardcore

A.C.A.B (B is for "Butthole")

Last night I sent out a charge to my (dozens and dozens of) fans on leads to hardcore songs about Thanksgiving. I was sure it'd be a lost cause (except for maybe some vegan poetry on the Ebullition catalog about how we should say 'Indians' or something), the encyclopedic brain of one Scott Kilcoyne kept my spirits higher than a Macy's Day Cheech and Chong float. See, he hipped me to this Clevo band called Party Plates. It's dudes from Cleveland luminaries like Inmates and Cider, and besides the endearing "Stoner Pythong" they've a song called "HAPPY THANKGIVING!"

Sloppy and psychotic punk in the grand Clevo tradition (you know, the one that doesn't involve Dwid) and is most notable for sporting some wah wah effects (guitar brohs don't correct me) and a jumpy time signature. Thanksgiving is a happy time. Here's the song on a "choose your own price" deal-io on Bandcamp. Check it.

Again, thanks to Scott, for keeping me honest and for being a Drug Dogs lifer even if I send him his stuff way later than I should.
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