Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hardcore Whozit #1


The internet rules. I’m not one of those bickering yeller-bellies who keeps accusing the internet of “ruining” hardcore. I’m of the opposite mind. I mean, how else would you be reading these barely coherent ramblings in your parents’ converted garage in Des Moines? However, I’m not totally on the internet’s dick (like y’all are with Twitching Tongues) and I feel that in this fast paced, razzle dazzle bit coin world of porno downloading, messageboard trolling, Nikes, bitcoins and huffing keyboard duster while streaming anime on youtube, we’re losing the emphasis on actually buying records to put on a shelf, and putting more emphasis on gaining immediate digital access to them. I know I know...not exactly new ground, but important ground nonetheless.  

So here’s me doing my part to maybe (maybe) turn the tide on some of you more impressionable minds. Periodically, I’ll be posting these “characters”, cropped and taken from a hardcore record. The first person to tell me what record it’s from gets a drug dogs prize pack (some back issues of zines, an exclusive drug dogs mix tape and other fabulous prizes). Get cracking. Message me on here, or email

Here we go:
This guy could’ve held court with Rat King back in the day. An angry SOD (that’s “doe,” the correct nomenclature for a female rat) with an attitude like Calvin: if I can’t get through this, then I might as well pee on and with my dong-a-long out for the world to peep. What record is he from?

Golden Showers bring May Flowers
First one of you to tell me where this comes from gets the Drug Dogs prize pack. Steady searchin!  

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