Wednesday, November 27, 2013

True - DEMO: Demo Dogz #7

I've got a ton of tapes I wanted to give some attention to. I'm just going to start whittling down the stack. Not enough reviews are getting posted online, just download links. Bleh.

If the kids, are united...

TRUE - The 4 Song Demo
I got this through the mail from my friends over at Mosher's Delight HQ in Washington DC. It's the second release on the zine-turned-label and it's made up of guys in Ancient Heads and Demolition.

Unabashedly straight edge, definite Insted vibe, heavy on the youth crew tip. The best track on here is definitely "Life Won't Pass Me By." Good long intro, and a wonky kinda break down that seriously reminds me of something great that The Offspring would have used circa Ignition. (Yes, that's most certainly a compliment).  

I also really like this demo because it says THE REAL UNITED EDGE really big on the spine, but it's not the name of the demo. It just looks cool up there.

Anyway, interested parties should consult their bandcamp ( where they can download the album, or the Mosher's Delight Bigcartel to purchase a copy.

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