Thursday, July 31, 2014

Inky Fanzine Nugget #5: Internet hardcore pioneers

Boy do I love when hardcore gets "represented," especially when it's on the internet via an indescribably terrifying werewolf demon/ghostbusters prop. To be fair though, this ad originally appeared in Breakout Fanzine #2, which came out in the summer of 1996. How were they to know that a paltry 18 years later, there'd be entire Tumblr pages dedicated to girls wearing Expire beanies and dudes trading mustache waxes and floral print mosh aprons on eBay and shit? Exactly. People didn't have kreskin's crystals or B9 to help them know what was cool, or even what the untamed frontier of the internet would yield (n00dz?). We hold reverence for those who've come before us. Paper fappin and Distro CD's and all. 

Here's the link. (Note: it doesn't work). 
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