Monday, March 9, 2015

Kevin Sullivan's Youth Crew Era

Mom and Dad were getting a little freaked out by Kevin’s “dungeon of doom” friends. They didn’t care for the makeup, the chanting, that musty marijuana stank and those Nasty Savage records. They’re just thrilled he’s made some new friends, even if they are a coupla jocks. Brutish, bully heels who’ve long out-sprinted their glory days but feel it necessary to remind you that at one time in some no-name town in Arkansas, they were THE ACTUAL SHIT at FOOTBALL. That’s what their varsity jackets are for. Thing is, these clean cut, outwardly “moral” types possessed every bit the meanstreak of their “punk rock” contemporaries, they just hid it better. Hated by those outside the scrum, beloved by those within. Sullivan played a vicious Svengali to these acolytes in Crockett’s NWA, his “youth crew” documented for posterity and proof, and his “legit amateur wrasslin background” left to a matter of kayfabe. Rick Steiner and Mike Rotundo’s had real alma maters though, even if Sullivan’s was just some nudist colony. You know how like Integrity could write a faux satanic song about a pair of basketball sneakers (so goes a few legend), Kevin Sullivan was just leading the confluence of 2 distinct punk rock sub-entities. Traded his combat boots for Hi-Tops

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