Friday, November 27, 2015

Magic Circle - Journey Blind

"SABBATH WORSHIP!" Bleats the bloated bearded butt-blogger willfully ignorant of Sabbath's many incarnations beyond the initial fab five, because no matter what he says, he'll always be technically correct invoking the almighty Sab and he fucking knows it. Of course there's great boozy speculation as to who may have come before the almighty Sab, if that spate of 70's material really is the grand mother rock riff from which all our other riffs descend and everything since then has just been fetid horseplay at rock n' roll's funeral party....but I digress. My friends tells me that over in Japan, Black Sabbath plays second fiddle to Deep Purple in their great heavy metal myth. It's all in your perspective, right?

Journey Blind has just as many Dio-isms floating in its goopy mixture as bleary-eyed Ozzy's but bloggers may need to choke up further on their Spotify-curated copies of Mob Rules to catch it. Magic Circle. This here's real rock for real lovers of real rock, for manly men who can riff and who can SING and aren't afraid to admit that they like a little falsetto caterwaulin in the mix and maybe a damn farfisa ("Ballad of the Vultures") because those of us worth our salt came up on Maiden and Priest and not fucking Morrissey Goddammit. Oh and Vintage doesn't always suck. 

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