Friday, February 19, 2016

New York Fashion Week Inspiration Post

You Sweatpant...but why?

It's New York Fashion Week, that pointless time of year that we probably wouldn't even know about if it weren't for hashtags (LOL!). I'll be putting outfits together this week, but here's some inspiration posts to share around on your preferred social networks. 

Rock is Crock tour 2009 

3 Horsemen + Luger "The standard of excellence in the NWA is now the ultimate casual wear."
Team denim v. Team Stretchable cotton

A 5 Star Sweater

Q: Where dost one huckster store his gimmicks?
A: within thine gimmick bag (fanny pack)

Schuldiner does the "smoulder" while homeboy to the left apes "school shooter chic."

Boots n' Braces 

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