Saturday, August 20, 2011

Beady Eye - Millionaire (Dylan's Dumb iPod #3)

Maybe people were genuinely excited about Beady Eye. I guess I kind of was…but as solid as Different Gear, Still Speeding may have been (nods to Andy Bell on that one) much of the time it sounded kind of stunted and played out like mid-late (bad) period Oasis. Still, it’s not always fair to compare the two bands, what with Noel Gallagher (Oasis’s primary songwriter) up-and-leaving his brother Liam to try and cobble it together (Let’s not forget that Liam’s contributions to Oasis pretty much begin and end with those soaring vocals. His songwriting credits are scant) with the remaining lineup…a lineup that’s seen more upheaval than the Louisiana coastline.

Still, the record wasn’t bad at all (I reviewed it in a mag I write for) and defied many skeptical expectations. Liam sounds great imitating all his favorite British singers (John Lennon and Paul Weller mostly) and the band sounds loose and fluid, (more than ever) incorporating little strains of sixties psyche and pop into their sound.

“Millionaire” is an Andy Bell/Liam Gallagher/Gem Archer composition and was released as the second single for the album. It’s supposed to be about driving around Spain and looking at light shining through a stained glass window, admiring Salvador Dail paintings or something else completely underwhelming like that.

It’s got a weird “swamp” feel to it (maybe it’s that steel guitar) and the melodies are sticky sweet (and the lyrics are kind of a mouthful). I detect a heavy La's influence here too. Beady Eye certainly isn’t one of the most memorable bands, but I never regret playing their records and you can’t go wrong playing them for others either.
Video for “Millionaire”

This stuff is all taken from the Beady Eye album Different Gear, Still Speeding 2011 Beady Eye/Danger Bird Records, bluh bluh bluh.

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