Tuesday, May 21, 2013

M is for The Machetes

Locals only, dick!

M is for The Machetes. One of the more enigmatic bands under the My War Records banner. Literal surf punk from HB that was really reckless and seemed isolated from other hardcore trends happening at the time (2004-ish). In fact, when I talked to Westbrook/Knife Fight about his favorite My War related band (Drug Dogs #2), this was the one he picked. I’m not sure if it’s officially part of the catalog (though the My War logo is on the tape jacket), and what ended up happening with these guys. Maybe it was just a symptom of the label’s demise and the band just got swallowed up into the California surf.

Really great stuff that’ll likely get buried in the sands of time...but worth tracking down. Only some cassettes/CD-Rs exist of this. Most heads say they sounded like Aggression. Serious drawl
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  1. Hey man! I was good friends with these dudes around this time ('03-'04) saw them a handful of times and had the CD-R but it is LONG GONE. can you help me out with some mp3's or even a physical copy somehow? would be much appreciated

    1. Yo! Email me (drugdogzine@gmail.com) and I can help you out! Stoked to meet a fellow fan!