Saturday, July 14, 2012

Millenial Reign - "Moore's Law" (Dylan's Dump iPod #18)

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It wasn't any secret that the ultimate purpose of this band was to worship Humanity... era Integrity, and in that regard it's spot on. With a lineup comprised of Damien Abraham (Fucked Up), Jordan Posner (No Warning, Terror) and Jesse Labovitz (No Warning), and some additional vocals by Chris Colohan (Cursed, Left for Dead, tons more). I once read an interview in which the journalist asked Damien condescendingly about his interest in Hatebreed and Integrity and Damien backed both bands...I wish I remembered his exact response.

Mr. Clean

Though only a four song EP, Bones Dust Nothing is remarkably well formed and complex, full of tempo changes and musical shifts, and the guitar work is absolutely stellar. Dwid vocals are seamlessly achieved, as is the chilling (and sometimes wacky) subject matter of the Holy Terror ilk.

"Moore's Law" gives me nothing to complain about as it contains great Melnick's style riffing at 1:16, a concrete mosh bit at 1:42, and again with those Dwid vocals. "A Final Evolution/ to a homeland where our spirits reborn/ pure information living together/ this is the heaven we prophesied/ we are destined for immortality." Sounds like the kind of stuff I was learning in LDS Sunday school, that we are all "intelligences" and our minds eternal...that when we die, all we take with us is the crap in our brains. Furthermore, besides taking their name from a famed Integ track, "Milennial Reign" references the belief that Christ will reign for 1000 years, prior to the final judgment (something you can find more about in the last track on Humanity is the Devil).

Anyway, to my knowledge the band only played one show (maybe a handful) and it's likely that this 7" is the only remnant of their existence, but if it was merely meant as a tribute to Cleveland's most infamous band, it stands resoundingly well on its own and comes highly recommended. Nothing to complain about.

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