Monday, August 19, 2013

Straight Truth + Hashtag Hardcore Fanzine (Weekly Seizure 8.18.13)

Greetings dawg-ers. I've gotta get a few rocks outta my backpack right away here, and while I fully admit to being a straight up mark for zines and all things HC zine related, I haven't had much time to sit and read this week. Never you mind why (it's for good reason though) but just know that it hasn't been for lack of good rags...just lack of time. So while I play aspiring journalist for a bit this week when I travel to L.A. I hope to get plenty of good readin' in. However, just to give an idea of what's been coming through my mail-slot this week, here's a lil mini post.

Dat burger
1) #Hardcore #2
After trying to track this thing down from Europe for about a month, I feel happy to have one in my hands...which segues right into why Grave Mistake Records is the best punk/HC mailorder company in "the business" right now. Prompt Emails, fast delivery...none better. This is a thick zine, with tons of Euro hardcore coverage, which was my main intention for picking it up. Should have it all devoured here in a day or two, but I'm going to call attention to the back print here, just because I love the inclusion of Think I Care's Mongrel (for obvious core band of the 00's, etc etc) and also Bad Religion's Recipe for Hate because even though it had mainstream aspirations to ruffle a few punker feathers (and an Eddie Vedder cameo to boot) "Kerosene" and "Struck a Nerve" are great songs, and while it's no Suffer or No Control, it's a fine record. Will provide a full report soon.
I guess it struck a nerve

2) Tapes
You'll note that Big Contest one has been out for a while. I know. I got it months ago, but I still wanna write about it and never got around to it. Take notes of the others. They're comin on the blog...and a new zine?! Yep. September.

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  1. hey, do you know where I could hear that straight truth demo and if you know where I could find one to buy? thanks!

    1. Hey Brian, i sing for that band and would be more than happy to send you one, as well as a copy of my zine (Wasted Paper)