Saturday, October 27, 2012

INTENT - "No Rules" Demo (Demo Dogz #1)

Hey kid, wanna cop a Swazi?

Intent is a multi-state conglomeration featuring former and current members of Free Spirit and Rival Mob Mentality (see what I did there?). A one word name like "Intent" may conjure up images of Jncos, Wizard Sleeves and whole host of doofy 90's trite-isms, but this is rooted in the ever popular late 80's NY sound with hints of Boston's "new scene" all over it. Internet geniuses are probably rushing to point at that "Intent" has already been used at least twice (Texas and NY), but who cares? I heard on the Livewire board that a member of Give put tape on an Intention shirt to make an Intent shirt at the Clear (wait...that name's already been used) debut show.

The cover's awesome (and long-since sold out) but features a Frank Miller-esque comic character peddling a trenchcoat chock-fulla vices (my fav being the bird-flipping finger). Was it the same guy that did the WW4 artwork?

In terms of tune-age, 3 songs is hard to make a deep assessment but "My Point of View" has a typical Rival Mob style bass line, "Set it Straight" is the hardest song with the spoken word "cross me again, and I'll seal your fate" part and "Friendship" steals it all soaked in Pain Cave style drum sounds.  Vocally I hear Pat Dubar singing for Straight Ahead.

Verdict: Not essential but certainly not disappointing. Sounds a little bit too much like Free Spirit (albeit less sloppy and a little harder) to fully distinguish itself among all the other excellent bands that've popped up in 2012 (Prisoner Abuse!) but I shant complain. A good band is a good band.

Steal it here

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