Friday, November 30, 2012

A.B.A.Q #1

Not a long post today (it's Friday, let's party), but just a lil' reminder that I have only a few issues of A.B.A.Q #1 left. 

An inky collaboration between two friends, A.B.A.Q tackles real issues plaguing the mind of the American hardcore "kid" (that's codespeak for "upper middle class wigger"). Why kids with Neckbeards love Xibalba. Why clueless Mom's love Paper Trail. Why Harley Flannagan refuses to use commas in his Facebook status updates. The real shit.
Also a softball interview with Sorry Excuse, some hardcore news briefs, and some real polarizin' reviews. A quick read, but well worth your parent's pennies. (12 pages, 1/2 size)
(Attn Foreigners: We'll ship to ya, but we're not doin' bulk/wholesale stuff. Limited quantities. Yarrr....)

It even got a review here

Snap one up at the bigcartel here
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