Monday, December 10, 2012

Word on the Street - "Streets is Watching + Demo" (Demo Dogz #7)

Lizard King

This ain't exactly new, but I've been told that it was recently dubbed onto a tape along with the demo, made available for those lucky ducks who went to Not Dead Yet. Also this band's from Halifax. I don't know anything about that area except it's cold in the winter time (right?)

Looking at the cover probably psyches a lot of people out. Genndy Tartakovsky-esque monster thugs posing hard in an alley. I was duped into thinking this would be bad Third Tier LOC worship, because of the serious Risky Biz vibe, but this honestly sounds like Straight Ahead's Breakaway 12" melting (or being played at 33 RPM). Rev era Sick Of It All too. Just like full-bore retarded. Anyway the mutant mongoloids on the cover are perfect indicators for the kind of 'core kept within. 

The vocals have that strange razor-thin mix of tuff-dude bellowing and down syndrome drooling. The Celtic Frost/Sheer Terror tonal breakdown in "H.R.M. Mayhem" is straight NASTY, like kitty litter gargling in a garbage disposal, and the "Cut to the Chase" weird psyche-out/double tracked vocals are glorious and evil. Nutshell? I love this. I think it'll take a few listens to sink in for many, but this is how 'core I like it.

Buy and D/L at their bandcamp here.

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