Thursday, May 2, 2013

E is for Ebro

It ain't hard to tell

 E is for in Ebro Virumbales. Ebro Charles Bronson, Los Crudos, MK-Ultra, Ruination and Punch in the Face. In light of the new(ish) live PITF 12” just recently released, here’s this, which comes from the insert. Ripping hardcore punk that never got enough hype for how good it was, and despite the fact that Town of Hardcore always seemed to have their back and to be in on it (creating one of the best zine covers of the 00’s). 

Chicago is one of hardcore’s best towns. In the footage from Jim Grimes birthday show, Dave Weinberg (Suicide File) calls it HC’s Las Vegas, where old bands go to die. Maybe he’s onto something...I just have a penchant for scrappy stuff that comes from the Midwest.
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