Friday, May 3, 2013

F is for Freddy Madball

F is for Freddy Madball. We all know the stories about the familial connection to Roger Miret, and most have probably seen an image or two of him as a pre-pub singing for ‘em, but here’s one I hadn’t seen til recently. Madball was recently “banned” from Salt Lake City because the city “doesn’t permit hardcore bands to play,” (there’s a whole Facebook thing about it, go find it on their page) and that’s stupid...but let’s talk about this image:

Freddy Cricien as a Beb wearing what looks to be a homemade AF tee cropped into a midriff.
Stigma’s shirt says “Samaritan Halfway Society.” Maybe ironic. I don't know. NYHC had a certain love affair with angel dust.
If you peep Stigma’s right hand, it kind of looks like he has 6 fingers. Kinda. Aliens.

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