Thursday, June 13, 2013

T is for Think I Care

Armageddon (dun dun) can't come (dun dun) soon enough
Because they were the best band of the 00's. Stop talking about American Nightmare for a while. I'm a fanboy and everything I say will be unbiased and stupid, so instead I'm going to post this review of the self titled LP that DFJ wrote in Lockin Out Fanzine #2. Read it. Live it.

Attn Posers and drama queens: This record makes any of your tragic "hate mosh" bands sound like My Beautiful Balloon. On this LP being released by DeadaliveThink I Care have created a brilliant formula combining Infest/DYS fast parts and Sheer Terror style dirgy riffs. The results are devastation even for someone as degraded as myself. I mean, Jesus Christ, Infest, DYS and Sheer Terror? This is the only band in existence that can pull something off like this. Anyone with half a brain knows there's a transparent wrinkle inside the Shumsky basement (see Twilight Zone episode, "The Mirror Image"). Why would a band sound like this if they didn't crawl out of a fuckin' Brooklyn sewer? I'm glad they recorded at Atomic because the production is a lot beefier than on previous records. When "Bitter End" comes on, get your goofy ass gumby skank the fuck outta here because you will end up as floor finish. -Written by DFJ and appeared in Lockin Out Fanzine #2
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