Tuesday, June 11, 2013

S is for Slapshot

Did any of you maggots REALLY not see this coming? Well...I guess you're not all on my Instagram steez, so I shouldn't fault you. I've been watching Slap Shot (film) a lot this week, which means I've been digging into Slapshot's (good) catalog at work, which means I've been kind of obsessive lately. 

Whatever. Slapshot's one of the greatest this genre's ever born. Straight Edge for the meat n' potatoes guys, the sports fans and the guys who weren't into any of this "everyone's a winner, let's talk about it" strain of scuttle-butt punk goofballery. BOSTON MASS: WHERE THE MEAT IS RED AND THE MEN ARE MEN. Sounds a little bit homo-erotic upon re-reading it, but no matter. I will never not be into a band with a singer who baits the crowd with a hockey stick and makes slurs against other cities.

At a work party I found a burned copy of the 'shot documentary Chip on my Shoulder. I took it home and thoroughly enjoyed it, and forced my roommates to watch it with me. Especially the footage of Choke playing guitar on an old tree branch. Like all the greats, they took a few side roads in the 90's, but for my money, you're really not going to find a band that touches Back on the Map, Step On It and shoot...I even dig 16 Valve Hate

I will never not be all about this band. 

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