Sunday, June 30, 2013

V is for Violent Minds


An 00’s relic that stands up much better than many contemps, even if they didn’t play a zillion shows or anything. While I won’t credit them with being the first of the “Violent” bands, they were probably the first on my radar (with the exception of the Violent Femmes of course). Seems like you can’t spit without hitting a “violent” bands now. Violent End, Violent Future, Violent Side, Violent Situation (that name...ugh) but VM leads the pack for me, with Violent Future being a close second (I mean, you’ve seen those photos with the singer decked out in a Stone Cold Steve Austin jersey right?).

Great logo. Great lyrics.They have a pretty flawless discography, while some people couldn’t get into the drum sound of the LP (going as far as to call it “St. Anger” esque) there’s really nothing here that I don’t like. Burly and aggressive, but fast. Sounds retarded in a “smash someone with a fluorescent tube” kinda way, and not “I’m a tactless wigger trying to undo the fact that my rich parents raised me on a golf course” kinda way.

Ain’t tryna get preachy, but if you still haven’t dug into this band, then this far into your hardcore career, you’ve failed, horrendously.

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