Thursday, July 4, 2013

Soundgarden (OBLIG 4th of July Post)

And everywhere, no one cares the fire is spreading...
Hey y'all. So I know it's America's birthday, and truth be told I'm about to go outside, spray myself with the hose and eat popsicles til I poop funny colors...but amidst the parades and Lee Greenwood songs and fireworks and mattress sales...let's think about what's really important. This Soundgarden song.

While not a hardcore cut per-se, the band has kind of become popular again among coremen and others, and the slow-chug of this 'un, probably the most underrated track on a very popular album, seems to be having a sort of renaissance in least among me and my uncultured friends.

So before slopping another spoonful of Jello salad into your mouth, or tying another M-80 to a neighbor's cat, take 5 minutes and let this bore it's way into your skull. It's what our forefathers, steeped in tyranny and wide-eyed with the prospect of establishing freedom for an entire nation, wanted for us all. Here's a live version that's kinda crappy but also kinda good. Studio is just as raw.

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