Sunday, August 11, 2013

Intent + Wild Man Wild (The Weekly Seizure 8.11.13)

Hey y'all. Kinda backed up with my other job, haven't had much chance to delve into the zines, but I got  a few tapes to tide you over til next week. Happy huntin.

1) Intent - It's Time Practice Tape
Not SUPER new and it's already long since hit the blogosphere, but I didn't go to Destroy LA, so I had to get one from the bigcartel. Sounds amazing for a practice  tape dunnit? I like the idea of bands going off and doing that, just doing it on their own and saving it for posterity. Like the Youth of Today Some Records tape I've been listening to today. Anyway, "I.G. Stomp" is a mosher something proper, and mine came with a lil note. (P.S., if you get a chance, go see Give on tour with Ceremony and pick up one of the shirts I did!)
s/o to the Zubaz Nation

2) Wild Man Wild - Dimension Dude Demo
Again, not very new, but I just got one. I actually did the artwork for this 'un, based on a bunch of suggestions that Taylor gave me and it ended up being a blast to do. Note that the tape is Zubaz print and references the Zubaz nation. I got this wrapped up in a bunch of Kansas City Royals scores from the newspaper too. Honestly, it reminds me of RZL DZL and stuff like that in the riffage and the dudes just want to have a good time. Track down the emps on a blog somewhere. If you're interested in art for your dumb band, I'm always interested. and for work samples. 

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