Sunday, November 3, 2013

Chiller Than Most Fanzine + Activate Fanzine (Weekly Seizure - 11.3.13)

Hey howdy ho. Nothing much to report except for that I still have a ton of zines to read! Thought I'd share some thoughts on a few that've come my way.
Activate #1

1) Activate #1
To shoot perfectly square, this one kinda fell flat on me. I'm not a huge fan of the layouts and the huge print...makes me feel like I'm getting screwed on content. I also didn't like that I was promised "reviews" and there were only 2. The questions tend to be of the surface variety ('who are your influences?' 'Who plays what?') and remind me of zines like It's Your Choice (which I did not like). That being said, there IS some cool content. Poder Absoluto is a band I've been interested in lately, and the interviews with Intent, Disapproval and Freedom were decent. Oh, my art was also reprinted here on the Dog Years interview. There's certainly potential with this zine. My honest opinion is "quality over quantity," so maybe trimming down on the number of interviews and digging a little deeper in the interview process would help? This could've been so great with a better layout and some reviews...
Looks like they're sold out, but keep your eye on their bigcartel here for future updates.

Team Tapir
2) Chiller Than Most #1
Incredible zine offering from a longtime internet buddy Atilla. The zine comes out of Europe (Hungary) and is completely cut n' paste for an incredible layout (peep the photo below). Nice, thorough interviews with Zach from Intent, Stand Clear, True, Unified Right and Rich Perusi's new band Garbageman. Great reading, great to look at. Definitely worth your time. Again, it's sold out, but maybe pay attention to their bigcartel and hope for a reprint.

LORDY that layout. Looks like a Ninja Turtles action figure package. 

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