Sunday, December 1, 2013

Confirmation Bias Fanzine (Weekly Seizure - 12.1.13)

It was a good mail week. New Boston Strangler promo tape, new ish of Chump Change and two new ishes of Mosher's Delight. Expect slow and inconsistent coverage here! I wanted to shed some light on an interesting zine I picked up in a package from a european friend.
1) Confirmation Bias Fanzine
"Confirmation Bias" is the tendency that humans generally have to gravitate towards ideas and concepts and information that favors what they already believe. That we have a "grand narrative" in our heads, and when we have experiences which confirm this grand narrative, we gravitate towards them. When we have experiences which negate this grand narrative, we ignore them or spin them until they do. It's a fascinating idea, and one that I definitely see in my own life. Anyway, I knew this one wasn't going to be a "reviews + interviews + rad old pics" zine, and I kind of expected not to like it. The zine is broken up by a litany of lists and brief essays, usually humorous ("how to survive an all-dayer" and "How to sneak into shows without paying") that in some way relate to the hardcore scene.

Like Portlandia it presents a funny satire of a subculture (in this case, hardcore/straight edge) that's supposed to be hyperbolic. It works generally (I thought the idea it presented about enacting "straight edge revenge" at shows was hilarious) but at times the jokes kind of get tired and it's hard to see if it's really a satire or genuine nerdery. The straight edge clip art page wasn't really my thing I guess.

Overall though, it was refreshing and kind of funny. Oh, there's also a Sectarian Violence tour journal in it. Fun read. I know there's a niche of people who'd appreciate this kind of humor. Those interested can seek them out here. It's in Europe, so make sure you account for shipping charges.
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