Friday, November 7, 2014

Ball of Destruction Fanzine (European Vacation II):

Ball of Destruction #1 (Belgium)
I went to Belgium once as a kid. I liked it. My family was literally booted out of a restaurant there. That's definitely a story for another post though. (Peace to Belgium and hardcore and Rise and Fall). 

I once jokingly postulated that Madball's Ball of Destruction era logo was hardcore's closest approximation to Metallica's Master of Puppets logo. Both bands start with "M" and have a history of logos that have evolved over their various incarnations as a band. I stand by the statement, with the more immediate point being that the mind(s) behind Ball of Destruction  chose some primo boilertplate from which to cut n' paste their own tome, a hefty full-sizer with the Toxic Avenger landing a cover spot. 

I've never heard the band Grim (described as Darkside NYC by way of Bulldoze in the zine) but when asked if he's worried about becoming "just another beatdown band" Grim's singer responded with "our breaks are quite harsh." They cover Soundgarden's "4th of July" which gives me a great segue to plug an old post: here.  

Very great to see mention of Bad Trip and Mind Over Matter in the discussion of Don Fury recordings. 

The cream here was the Ramblings on Victory #2, 4 +7, a segment in which the author shot on Billingsgate's Reach Out album sleeve,  how Worlds Collide got their name (sidenote: for a great podcast in which Worlds Collide member Matt Burger plays music, talks about Worlds Collide and also some ridiculous shit about hardcore gangs, here) and Salty City's pride and joy: Insight. Nugget below about using Supertouch's gear and not saying thank u. 

Other highlights:
Who doesn't love a good old Cro-Mags interview? We know the euros love their mags (in their mags...yuk). This one was from '89 done in Seattle WA on a show with teutonic thrashers Destruction

The Only Living Witness interview was reprinted from Look Again Fanzine #3  and also featured Slayer in there. ("Why do people think metal is a four-letter word? They didn't learn english!" -Jonah Jenkins).

On late-period Turning Point: "Bold shirts, make way for turtlenecks and Jane's Addiction merch." 

Overall, snappy photography, great cut n' paste layout and unique, heartfelt content. All anyone could ever want in a zine in this day n' age. Glad I send abroad for this one. 

(you cannot) BUY THIS FANZINE HERE (because it is sold out). 

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