Sunday, November 2, 2014

Greg Mental Interview Pt. V (This is the end)

The end of the interview. Where I asked about art and stuff, and got the best pull-quote. 

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Part 2
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Part 5

Every Lockin Out release has a discernible "aesthetic" to it. I know you've done some of that artwork. Is that just another hobby?
I'd love to be doing art for a living. I went to a tech high school and took design as my "shop" class. I also graduated from Art Insitute of Boston. Design and art are things I love, but unfortunately, they're just hobbies right now.

Doodling? Computer stuff? What's your favorite?
I do everything before finishing a project. I'll doodle, paint, fuck around on the computer. Whatever it takes to come up with an idea I like. Then I just bang it out. I'm really hoping to do more shirts for bands and the label this year if I can find some free time. 

Would you ever do art outside of hardcore? Would you do art for bands that aren't Lockin Out bands?
I did a design for Detroit Birds. I dunno if I've really done much other art for bands not on the label. I don't think so.

Oh, so my idiot friend wants me to ask you about the Bum Rush EP.
It's coming out soon.

No comment. 

Well, you've got to be pretty stoked on hardcore to still be working so close with hardcore bands.
Oh, of course. I'm still stoked on hardcore but at this point, I'm not driving super far to see a show or anything like that. It's just because of my real-life obligations and schedule though and the lack of bands that I'm really interested in, rather than not being stoked on hardcore itself.

What Non-LOC bands are you still interested in?
War Hungry is always dope. I like Waste Management, Step Forward, Dead Black. That's all I can really come up with off the dome. 

The "jaded hardcore dude" is such a common trope you know? It hardly seems applicable to you though.
Hell no man. I still get in the pit if I'm feeling it. I'm a hardcore kid you know? That's just what it is. If I'm at a club grinding on a fine 'ho I've still got the same grin on my face that I'll have at a show getting ignorant. I love hardcore. I love underground shit. It's always been attractive to me. I'm a fuck-up and love hardcore because it's a bunch of fuck-ups.

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