Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Nuggets: Divebomb Fanzine #1 Edition (Tom Capone + the Occult)

Guitar-centric corezine replete with gear talk and even guitar tabs (!!!). I suckled the teet of the mainstream print mag for many a moon before hipping to this thang of ours called hardcore, and I think this zine is just swell.

Writing the song "Baphomet," that lead is so creepy and catchy. Take me to that moment. 
I wrote it on a Jackson guitar, it had a tremolo bar but it was missing so I just used my wrist to push up/down on the bridge to make it sound whiny. We played it live and Walter would make up lyrics or use lyrics from The Kinks on top of it because we weren't sure if we wanted to have vocals or not. On the album it ended up being instrumental. I was big on Tri-Tonal sounds. The name has to do with the dark side. The rest of the guys in Quicksand weren't into Satanism, but I dabbled with the occult. As a whole it just came off tongue in cheek.

Are you still into the occult now?
Not really now, but I was for a portion of my life, totally into it. I used it to help shape the sound of the music. At the time, I believed in the philosophy that any energy you put into something has magical effects or can change it. So we used to do a lot of meditation to inspire us. As a band we didn't sing about it, but it was just what we did on our own to help us with writing. 

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