Tuesday, December 22, 2015

It's Still Real to Me (Personal KISS-tories)

For those of your normies who didn't watch wrestling in the 90s (how did you avoid it?) The Monday Night Wars were essentially a ratings battle between the two pre-eminent wrestling promotions of the time, WWF and WCW, all trying to outdo each other's Monday Night programming with outlandish stunts and story lines. I shan't retread all of the gory details, as the WWE network has done a 750 part series charting the specifics, but basically, in an effort to thwart the competition, Eric Bischoff (WCW) tried to develop an entire stable of KISS-inspired wrestlers which would in turn, help establish both the brand and the band. The effort began with KISS playing a horribly lip-synced version of "God of Thunder" on what would turn out to be one of the keystone lowest rated episodes of Nitro, and debuted the "KISS Demon" character, played by Dale Torborg and later, Brian "Crash" Adams. (Side note: They didn't play anything from Psycho Circus which was still a semi recent release). Shame we never got a full KNIGHTS IN SATAN'S SERVICE wrestling stable. The fans would have LOVED that....Oh, spoiler alert: WCW went out of business.
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