Tuesday, January 10, 2012

AC/DC - "Touch too Much" (Dylan's Dumb iPod #9)

My Dad used to have a copy of Back in Black, but he threw it out because in some weird phase of his he wanted to set a good example to his kids by not having satanic music in the home. All it really did was nurture a special hatred towards all authority figures, to stop shaving my barely pubescent moutsache and to glom onto Highway to Hell with all the tard fervor of an abandoned zoo-chimp clinging to the shards of a discarded peanut.
Bon Scott is the crappiest AC/DC vocalist, but somehow still the best. Also, he has terrible, prison-style forearm tattoos, none of that "I'm-19-and-already-covered-like-a-Yakuza-crime-boss" hardcore kid crap. I speak about him in the present tense because he still lives within me, and I sustain him and his phlegmy vocal chords by ingesting a thimble full of model airplane glue daily.

Girlfriends are weird and I'm pretty sure this track is about a batty bird. Some girls make bonkers requests like ask you to say you "love" them, to call them to talk about color combinations or to stop hanging out in their high school parking lot, listening to Bolt Thrower tapes at full blast. Not into that scene man. I'll just hole up and listen to Hawkwind. Can. Spacemen 3. Black Sabbath. Pentagram. Manilla Road. AC/DC if I've ingested enough airplane glue.

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