Wednesday, May 8, 2013

No Justice's Angelfire site (CORE CORE CORE #8)

Everyone of us with more than a few brain beans to mash together knows No Justice rules. One need only peep their last show on cable access to catch a teensy glimpse of the chaos and fury contained within. Yeah they're starting to get a little more hype (what with turd bands like Losin' It covering their songs on Toxicbreed comps) but I got two copies of Still Fighting (red and yellow) from Adele Collins' distro...arguably the only thing she ever had in that horrendous metalcore flea-market that was worth paying for.

Anyway, in what might be the equivalent of Warner Bros still active Space Jam website, my internet/zinester bud Scott Kilcoyne hipped me to an Angelfire site that No Justice set up in their short(ish) existence. Bad late 90s/early 2000's art and all. Man, what an era. My favorite.

I've tried (and failed) numerous times to recover the awesome skateboarding/Soundgarden tribute Angelfire site I made in middle school to no avail. Consider my heart genuinely warmed with nostalgia. 

Leave a comment on their guestbook here.
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