Thursday, May 9, 2013

I is for Insight

"Caring Edge" zine? Oh brother...
Essentially the first straight edge HC band to come from Salty City, and in my opinion, one of the only ones who haven't sucked the salami. This is the part where some internet e-herb in a kangol and overalls goes "dude, Triphammer was lyke....soooo good," to which I simply shrug and say "OK. If you say so."

Not a ton of recorded output, just a 7" on Victory and then a song on those comps. At the reunion, I was told  they had some unreleased songs but it's anybody's guess as to whether or not they'll see a release. 

Minus the goofy slap bass part, "Silent Shore" is baller.

Integrity need no intro...but wasn't Head Strong the name of an early 2000's Nu-Metal band? I remember sampler discs being passed around when I was in high school.
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