Tuesday, May 7, 2013

H is for H100s

In keeping with today's theme of all things gnarly and vile coming from Cleveland (3 girls escaping from some dude's sex dungeon after being held hostage there for 10 years?!) I present one of my all time favorites: The H-100s! Just listen to the aggressive crowd baiting on the Live in Cleveland LP and you'll start to crack the code (or huff some copier toner and bash your head into a wall...same diff).

Cleveland hardcore has always been weird and perverse, limping to the off-beat thump of its own drum and that's what I dig about it. I'm always tempted to look at the 90's as a "black hole" period for hardcore (an explanation some have used to explain why so many early 00's bands started aping the 80's sound) because I just can't groove on the lion's share of basketball jersey clad, shadowboxing vegan warrior dirt-freekery that comes part and parcel with the Clinton era. That being said, it's the decade that brought us Floorpunch, the H-100s and Left for Dead so it couldn't have been all bad. 

Not a lotta talk about the H-100s in this post, but the music does the talking. Seek out everything they did (there isn't much) and pray for the day your crappy no-talent Rage Against the Machine karaoke outfit can write a song that comes anywhere close to "Dismantle."
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