Monday, May 13, 2013

K is for Knife Fight

Westbrook's wardrobe hearkens to a bygone era of when you could guarantee an S&T shirt wasn't a bootleg

Good, burly "eighties" sounding stuff from the 2000's era that introduced many to some lesser known HC/Punk gems by way of their cover choices (America's HC being the most notable for me). I remember reading some doofus-y show review or column in MRR and the person writing it said that Jon Westbrook looked like a "scrapper" because he wore a flannel at a show. 

I later asked Jon about this in an interview with my own zine, and he seemed as perplexed by the question as me. He also told me a story of when Knife Fight toured with Mental before Lockin Out mania had hit fever-pitch proportions and some heroin addict tried to petition Greg's camo pants from him...Anyway, a band who's status is a live/dead hybrid, and who've never released a weak record. This pic is from the first 7" insert on My War. Mean, tuff and wholly disinterested in technical I like it.
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