Monday, May 27, 2013

P is for Patriotism

$10. A small price to pay for freedom

Forgive me for being a lil Yankee-centric here (hey, I did a post about Justice/Russia), but as I sit here in my bedroom having just ingested 6-7 pounds of Watermelon, listening to Ted Nugent and planning a night of BBQ's and basketball with my friends, I decided to slap a lil bloggy-blog on"patriotic" hardcore.

I know the American Flag has started to become a mainstay in HC design again, but looking at this America! Almost exclusively NY/NJ bands, some pretty well known (Biohazard) and some a little more obscure (Sick Society). I like the fact that Maximum Penalty is playing, along with a band called Maximum Force...and then a band called Brute Force. I'm not entirely sure about how far 'right' some of these bands went, so don't crucify me for any of that (actually, go to Hell, I don't care what you think). Not a lot of variation in the names there. Still a pretty hefty lineup, and how late do you think this ran since it started at 7 PM? The Icemen need no introduction, and neither do Fit of Anger (doesn't Porter talk about how they're better than Chain of Strength in the Floorpunch 'Final Mosh' vid? Maybe I'm mis-hearing). American Eagle had a much better name/logo than recorded output and I really wish I'd come up with the name Savage Choir.

Anyway, benefit for vets. I dig that. I'm in the process of writing an essay/short story about my uncle who first heard rock n' roll music (Cream Disraeli Gears I think...) while traipsing through the jungles of Vietnam. How much crazier of a context for RNR would it give you if it was coupled with land mines, agent orange and blitzkrieging air raids on villages? I come from a military town. I'm not going to get into any politics here, but many people I hold dear (Daniel Montgomery) have served, or are currently serving in the armed forces. For those observing this day here in the States, have fun and be safe. For those who aren't, seek out some Fit of Anger MP3's and mosh in yer room.

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