Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Q is for Quicksand

An open letter to short sleeve hoodie-wearers
Please forgive me for taking a cop-out in choosing “Quicksand” for “Q.” The letter Q is kind of difficult to dig up stuff on. I mean, I was going to do the Bad Brains album The Quickness. Not because I like it (I hate it), but because it starts with Q. These letters (I’m thinking Z will have a similar effect) make you start settling for weirdness and undercutting your abilities. That ain’t what I’m about.

Quicksand really need no introduction. They played on Jimmy Fallon fer Pete’s sake. I saw them last year in Los Angeles, and though I was excited to see them, I was somehow more distracted by seeing Dinosaur Jr and wasn’t as hyped as I could’ve been..but then they blew me away. I’ve never seen a band that tight before. Just in-the-pocket greatness. Jordan Cooper from Revelation, along with some others, were all on the stage behind the amps with their kids dancing around in Youth of Today onesies and such. Say what will you will about that stuff, but it was hard to be upset at seeing so many people having fun. I distinctly remember some doofus yelling out “Play a Gorilla Biscuits song!” and Schriefels laughed him off. 

But this isn’t about me and my dumb summer. This is about how many left of center videos Beavis and Butthead would watch/comment on. In my mind, nothing touches their commentary on the Grim Reaper video, or the Pantera video for “This Love.” This is pretty funny right off the bat though, cuz Walter is immediately compared to Lloyd Christmas. That’s funny.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find this video without foreign (Russian) overdubs, so you’re gonna have to deal with it. Not sure if this video ever appeared on one of the DVD collections that got released...

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