Sunday, June 9, 2013

R is for Rampage

I don't behave. I be-slave.
I still think Rampage is one of the lesser praised bands in the Lockin Out canon, which is weird. They're pretty much the only band from the early era (within the first 10 releases) who still plays the occasional show. 

I probably got this picture from a Tee Till Death post or something,  mostly because I don't remember seeing their gear floating around too much. A friend of mine had the shirt with the gorilla holding up the letters, Donkey Kong style, but it was a color way that I wasn't crazy about. This is just the artwork from Heads in a Vice, a record that's got more than enough play for me at the gym (cliche, I know). This is a cool shirt, but I can't help but gawk at those heinous pit stains. Seriously, it looks like someone rubbed a grey oil pastel under them rosies.

I'm a sweaty guy, so I feel this pain. I've gone through the shameful experience of sweating through a coating of deodorant in a matter of hours. "Oh, you're getting pit stains? Try using a deodorant that doesn't have an anti-persirant in it. There's metal in there that reacts with your sweat." Sounds like a load of hippie-speak, but it's probably true. Problem is, I need an anti-persperant. I'll sweat through anything else. I'm also not a big fan of the whole "tee shirt under a tee shirt" thing either. So yeah...I've got some really serious problems in my life. Not as serious as the time I bought some "medical grade" sweat stopper from a local Kroger and ended up setting fire to the first 4 layers of skin under my arms...ugh. Can anyone vouch for Botox?

Oh, Rampage rules. The LP was one of the best of the decade, and the art ruled. Know your history.
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