Sunday, July 27, 2014

A True Lesson in Hardcore (DRUG DOGS DUMB iTUNES DUMP #2)

Nothing like hitting "shuffle" to make you realize that your own musical taste sucks, and nothing is really that "random." D'oh. Enjoy anyway.

Spawn - "Wildfire." (S/T, Emblem 1993)
What's my excuse here? This is most certainly a remnant from a few summers ago when I decided to give no-name metallic 90's hardcore a fair shake and went on a download spree. I'd like to say that Spawn changed my opinion on some stuff (I really dig their name) but this 7" does absolutely nothing for me. Slow, boring, chunky, "passionate" HC from Germany. Luckily "Wildfire" is the shortest song of the bunch (just over a minute long) and probably the best of the lot. Chain of Strength-esque at times and seemingly about straight edge. Giant MEH. 

The Who - "I've Had Enough" (Quadrophenia, MCA 1973)
The last track on Side 2 Quadrophenia and a potent paean to subculture and fashion. Those who've seen the corresponding film know that this is the bit where Jimmy finally loses it with all that mod nonsense, goes on a tear and crashes his scooter on the edge of a cliff. Sounds corny now, but I always felt a strange sort of kinship with the lyrics of this one (you got altered information/you were told to not take chances/you missed out on new dances/ now you're losing all your dimples) in that it reminded me of the "baby has grown ugly/it's no longer cute" line from Minor Threat's "Salad Days." I love the part around 1:20 where Pete Townsend cuts in (one of Jimmy's alternate personalities...if you don't "get" Quadrophenia, then you're gonna have to do that research on your own) to say "My jacket's gonna be cut and slim and checked/Maybe a touch of seersucker with an open neck" and then to that a banjo? Whatever. In true rock-opera form, we even here the synth-motif bit for the album's grand closer "Love Reign o'er Me." A great one.

Out Cold - "Doomsday Guy" (Goodbye Cruel World, Mad at the World Recs, 2005) 
I've always peddled Out Cold as "your favorite band's favorite band." Maybe hyperbolic, but given the band's completely flawless discography, I'll stand by it. This LP came out after a long absence, a notable lineup change (members of Last in Line if I remember correctly) and still completely rips. Power, aggression, all that in a minute long song. In the early days of HC blogs and "webzines" I remember nonstop praise being heaped onto this one, along with plenty of "woah, this band is still around?" I remember one of the dullards from Razorcake pulling an "I wish I liked this more" kinda thing, but that rag has been a holding tank for uncultured goofs and gypsy dildos for ages now. Fav track is the closer "Sick Little Game" but that's neither here nor there. It all rips. Seek it out. 

S.O.S. - "The Block and the Rail" (Surely You Jest/Demo Tape, Lockin Out)
I've heard this one dismissed as the "worst" Lockin Out release (I won't agree with that) and seem to remember them getting slagged in all the publications I read back then (Town of Hardcore fanzine made fun of their EP artwork). The band had all the elements there, but just never really seemed to stick with people. This is just my own interpretation though. This track's really only distinguishing feature is a super skanky breakdown 1:14, the kind of breakdown that essentially encapsulates that whole Lockin Out sound. I dunno. I like this tape. I don't LOVE it, but I don't hate it either. It's head and shoulders over lots of shit that tries to pass itself off as "LOC" influenced goof-core, and they had their own unique visual aesthetic. I'd also like to go on record as saying that their contribution to the Sweet Vision comp is awesome. One of the tracks I listened to the most when I first heard it because I couldn't get enough of that guitar work. WTF do I know though?

Terror Zone "Self Realization" (Self Realization: A True Lesson in Hardcore, Gain Ground 1996).
Terror Zone was Kev-One from Bulldoze's band after the fact. I learned recently that I'd been erroneously referring to them as "Terrorzone." This record had a lot of krishna-con influences, but I don't think the band ever fully fit into that lame-ass "krishnacore" thing. Weird chanting? Check. Heavy and slow, speeds up at 1:16. "Lord of wrath/hear my screams/lord or wrath/protect my dreams." Heavy AF. I always liked this EP even with the weirdo scree-scree Korn stuff going on. Also, I can distinctly remember a friend of mine telling me that she was riding in a car with her Mom and subjected her Mom to the whole EP and her Mom "didn't hate it. ("I'm not a regular Mom, I'm a cool Mom.") That's hilarious to me. Parents + hardcore. 
(won't let me embed, but hear the track here). 

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