Thursday, September 24, 2015

Wrock Mixtape Vol. 1


"WWF Superstars 2 Opening Theme" (Game Boy, 1992)
Jake Roberts Theme (WWF Superstars 2, Game Boy 1992)
"Trust Me [Jake Roberts Theme]" - (Jim Johnston, 1991-92)
Jake Roberts Promo (Sept. 1986)
Megadeth "Trust" snippet (From Cryptic Writings, 1997)
Tony Schiavone/Bobby Heenan - WCW Nitro 8-23-99
Death - "God of Thunder"  (Bonus from Human 1991)
Undertaker Entrance Theme (WWF Superstars 2 ,Game Boy, 1992)
Gorilla Monsoon, Roddy Piper, "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase - Undertaker debut (Survivor Series, 1990)
Venom - "Buried Alive" (From Black Metal, 1982)
Agent Orange Interview Snippet (1981)
Agent Orange - "Living in Darkness" (From Living in Darkness, 1981)
"You're Standing on My Neck [Daria Theme]" (1995)
Wipers - "The Lonely One" (From Over the Edge, 1983)
"Pomp and Circumstance [Macho Man Theme]" (WWF Superstars 2, Game Boy, 1992)
Waylon Mercy - Worm Vignette (Monday Night Raw, 6-17-95)
KARP - "Bacon Industry" (From Self Titled LP, 1997)
"Dipshits" Interview Snippet (From Kill All Redneck Pricks: KARP LIVES 1990-1998, 2010)
KARP - "Get No Toys (When You Pay the Money)" (From Suplex, 1995)
Soundgarden - "Big Dumb Sex" (From Louder Than Love, 1989)
Rick Derringer "Real American [Hulk Hogan Theme]" (WWF Superstars 2, Game Boy, 1992)
Ultimate Warrior Soundbites (From his legendary 60 Minute Shoot on Terry "Hulk Hogan" Bollea, 2011)
NAME REMOVED - Back with a Bang (From Back with a Bang/I Don't Like You, 1982) [Chill out Tumblr warriors, if Merauder covers it, I will put it on my GD mixtape)
Vince Mchmahon says a naughty word to John Cena (Survivor Series, 2005)
Jim Johnson "No Chance in Hell [Vince McMahon Entrance music] (1999)
Merauder - "5 Deadly Venoms" (From the 1998 Demo with Eddie Sutton)
Pentagram (Death Row) - "Sign of the Wolf" (live in Virginia 5-18-83, VHS Rip)
Radio Birdman - "The Hand of Law" (From Radios Appear, 1977)
The Mountie v. Big Boss Man Video Package (Survivor Series, 1991)
The Mountie - First Theme 
Jimmy Hart and J.J. Maguire  "What a Rush (Legion of Doom)" snippet 
Rush - "The Trees" (From Hemispheres, 1978)
Gary Hart - "Armaggedon Promo" (World Class Championship Wrestling, 1983-1986-ish)
Abdullah the Butcher (soundclip from aftermath of 1986 Vengeance match with Carlos Colon)
Lard - "Forkboy" (From The Last Temptation of Reid, 1990)
Kermit the Frog Introducing Alice Cooper on the Muppet Show (1976)
Alice Cooper - Halo of Flies (From Killer, 1971)
A collection of "Pyscho" Sid Vicious botches
Obituary - "Intoxicated" (From Slowly We Rot, 1989)
"Mean" Gene Okerlund says a naughty word (Summer Slam 1989)
Straight Ahead "Not Afraid" and "Right Idea" (From Breakaway 12", 1987)
Artificial Peace - "Wasteland" (From Flex Your Head Comp, 1981)
No Comment - "Hacked to Chunks" (From Downsided, 1992)
Terry Funk Soundclip (From Beyond the Mat, 1999)
Monster Magnet - "Nod Scene" (From Spine of God, 1991)
Dave Wyndorf - Interview snippets from German TV (1998)
Sonic Youth - "The Diamond Sea (clip)" (From Washing Machine, 1995)
New World Order Theme Song (1996)
Sleep "Dragonaut [Live]" (From Live in Denver, 9-5-10)
Monday Night Raw Original Theme (1993)
Koji Kondo - "Invincibility Theme" (From Super Mario World, 1990)
Dub Diablo - "Disco Headache Remix" (2000)
SpacEKrafT - "Convergence" (from  Jodorowsky's Dune OST 2010)

Additional sounds pillaged from Koji Kondo's Original Arrangements in Super Mario World (1990) and from the "Gifted" episode of Daria (1998.)

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