Wednesday, December 16, 2015

X-tra Hot Sauce

I’ve always been a mark for Howard Stern’s metal doppleganger Danny Lilker. I won’t show off my S.O.D, Nuclear Assault and (working on a) Brutal Truth collection here, but I’ve got one.

I’d heard of his pre-all of those bands Xtra Hot Sauce through the grapvine, but was finally pushed over the edge by my friend who described them as “S.O.D. igno meets NYC Mayhem wildness.” Tell me dear reader, wouldn’t that description get your ass in gear to check them out too? Here’s “Tony’s Dilemma” for reference. Lilker is a beast, a metal lifer who has officially retired from music. Big ups to the guy for leaving a cash cow to start a fledgling grind band and for being a part of Need to Control. Bummer/awesome that Metallica ended up stealing that one tiny “Godplayer” riff from ‘em.
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