Sunday, December 20, 2015

One Man's Trash (Personal KISS-tories)

"If the Beatles wanted to be bigger than Jesus, KISS wanted to be bigger than Coca-Cola."
-Chuck Klosterman, a VH1 documentary I watched in high school. 

One man's trash: At an antique mall in Salt Lake City, I stumbled upon an entire chest full of KISS spiral bound notebooks, all dated from 1978, and containing sign up sheets for the KISS army. The cover reminded me of my own grade school years spent secretly carving Metallica logos into desks, while the inside contents (incoherent streams, personal journaling, grocery lists, biology notes and a movie script) all looped out pencil cursive reminded me of all the useless skills my middle school teachers INSISTED we'd need in the real world. I want to think this was all written by some mustachioed high school hesher, the kinda dude who bought Destroyer based on the cover art alone, and I'll stick to that. Maybe I just fetishize a bygone era when KISS was bigger than life and people still wrote in cursive. 
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