Sunday, May 5, 2013

G is for Gut Instinct

Not a new picture per-se (I've been seeing this one pop up on MSG boards since the mid 2000's), but a quality one. Not totally sure about the story surrounding this one (did they play a nazi club?), but Gut Instinct ruled...and Nazis fucking suck. (If anyone does, let me know in the comments!) People took notice of Baltimore's hardness once they'd seen The Wire but hardcore wise, it existed long before that.

A few cool deets: Champion gear on the guy on the far left. I was at Urban Outfitters yesterday (don't ask) and noticed they were selling it at inflated prices? WHUT? Cop that shit at Wal Mart! Anyway, shirt tucked into jeans a'la Choke and his hockey jersey in the infamous Negative FX vs Mission of Burma fans show

Icemen T-shirt. Nothing more to say there.
Camo shorts (pants?). Great look. Shouldn't ever be phased out of hardcore. Reminds me of moshing to bad bands in my high school auditorium.
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  1. They had a clear anti-racist stand, why the fuck did they take the photo like this?

    1. You're right, they did. Tomorrow I'm going to post some pictures of some of their shirts.....That being said, I think the photo was to highlight the absurdity of the situation. A friend of mine recently got in touch and gave me a paraphrased version of the story: The band was invited to play at a biker bar that had tons of nazi regalia hanging around. Whoever put on the show didn't know that 2 of the members were black, but apparently they were well received.

    2. Pretty ridiculous, but Gut Instinct rules. Nazis suck.