Saturday, July 6, 2013

W is for War Hungry

Back in the days before Tee Til Death, I got this hairbrained idea to do a blog about hardcore shirts. I would track down the artist, ask them a bunch of only lasted for two posts (you can still see the remnants at but it was cool. Here's one I did with Spoiler regarding a War Hungry shirt that was made in 2006, but I obtained in 2007. I thought it was kind of interesting and since this blog gets SLIGHTLY more traffic, thought I'd leave it here.

Yes I could've used a stock photo from the internet, but I decided to use MY shirt

So first things first, with the front design...I want to know, to the best of your knowledge how the exchange went in drafting the shirt.
Any War Hungry shirt I did was because of Hoodrack and me brainstorming over AIM. We'd come up with the best shit together. He always had great ideas but couldn't draw them. I don't remember who came up with what, but we decided they were going to have a mascot like Eddie for Iron Maiden, so that's the dude on top, cursing the world.

Hoodrack wanted a really metal looking shirt, but I made it borderline fantasy metal. I got a few of the ideas out of an art book. I wanted it to represent a bunch of different species being at war with each other, you know, “war hungry”, and their mascot standing over it all. Kind of a nerdy fantasy-land version of the real world.

It definitely reminds me of like...Jason and the Argonauts. Have you ever seen that? It has that theme...
I've never really heard of that before. Probably never aired in Europe where I grew up. Argonauts sounds pretty fantasy metal though.

Well War Hungry definitely has that kind of lyrical biz going on in their "Labors of Hercules" and stuff so maybe that helped…
I didn't go over any lyrics for this shirt, but maybe Hoodrack got some ideas from it. I'm sure it's all connected in his mind. 

On the back design, it's kind of a remake of an old psychedelic flier that I've seen...with the skeleton holding the peace sign. I've seen it used on an old flier....I remember you telling me that your Mom was kind of a hippie and your Dad was a metal that where you got the design from?
Yea that's from a Grateful Dead flyer, on the original it's a lady holding the sign. Hoodrack sent it to me. It's not actually related to my parents though it could very well have been. I don't think they were into the Dead though, my mom is more into shit like Blue Cheer, the Who, and Black Sabbath. Way cooler than most hippies. But yea, there was plenty of weird psychedelic art and record covers in my house growing up, so that's why I like to incorporate it every now and then.
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