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Hammer and the Nails + Mandatory Moshing Fanzine + Fight 'Em All Fanzine (The Weekly Seizure 7.21.13)

Hey folks,
here's a new recurring column we're gonna start here at Drug Dogs HQ called the "Weekly Seizure." Get it? Like "seizure?" as in "seized at customs?" Cuz I'm a "drug dog?" Oh whatever. Essentially, it's comprised of me reviewing 3-5 items I come across that week, and then discussing their merits. Unfortunately for you guys, everything I came across was stuff I liked, so none of that insalubrious trash talking you've all come to love/hate.

1)  Hammer and the Nails - Rome is Burning B/W
Billed as "knuckle dragging reality rock" from Boston on the RRD website means I'm already on board. Couple that with the fact that I'm already a hopeless fanboy for this band and I'm sold. "Rome is Burning" is a new track and the B-side is a re-recorded version of "Product of this Modern Age." Comes with the typical RRD stamps and letters and decals...a worthwhile addition to your garbage record collection. Even more thrilling was the fact that I got this in an extremely timely manner, so things have definitely picked up in the RRD mail order camp. Good news for all. You can still get them at the RRD site.
Enjoy the Oi

2) Fight 'Em All #1
This is a zine done by one of the guys in Disapproval. Boasts the tagline "No posers, dick riders or trend hoppers allowed" which is pure poetry to these ears. Interviews are short, but substantial. I was especially stoked on the Cop Gestapo one, mostly because I just heard from Jesse that they'd be putting out a record on RRD in the future. Cool showcasing of some bands I'd never heard of like Altercado Espiritual and Poder Absoluto, along with Sick People and a good Spine/Sorry Excuse bit with TTD's most famous, Antonio. My favorite bit was the Disapproval tour journal because it was honest and funny and hit a lot of my home town spots and didn't try to be some dorky "a time we'll remember" scout camp diary. Also, Blind x Justice (the good one from Indiana who had to change their name) gets mentioned, that that's rad. I got my copy through a friend at Destroy LA. I'm not sure how you'll get one. Much love to the Crossed Out photo on the back.

3) Mandatory Moshing #2
I got this from Evan the Mosher when I ordered an A$$AULT USA tape. This zine is incredible and is literally all about moshing. The writing is negative. There's an interview with Bald Pig. I'm not gonna slobber over this any more. Here's some quotes to give you an idea. I have no idea how to buy one, but you should seek it out.
"I couldn't Care Less, I live in the Mosh World"
"You can join me in mosh world, or you can go back to juggling two balls with one hand on the sidelines like the fruitcake you are."

"I tried interviewing Bald Pig after Mosh World was born. It didn't work out because they are all morons."

"Just know that Bald Pig is the story of 6 friends who promised to meet each other in this very spot 1 year after prom."

"What I want people to take from my band is that it's OK to hurt yourself in the name of hardcore. It's fine to be apolitical, it's fine to want to die. It's OK to get hurt. I'm specifically influenced by Spit my Last Breath, Meat Puppets II and that No Justice last show video." -Adam Bald Pig

"Moshing, hurting people and yourself in a frenzy brought on by punk songs is the purest and realest way to be involved in hardcore. It doesn't matter how many organizations you support or how many vegan tattoos you have." -Adam Bald Pig

"The only way it could've been better was if someone died. I am not kidding. I really wish someone died and all the junkies at Treasure Town would've gotten evicted sooner. But instead the NATO summit martyred them. Regardless, we created something new and amazing that day." -Pit Tales
Just to get away

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