Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hired Goons + Constant Constraint Fanzine + Extreme Aggression Fanzine (The Weekly Seizure 8.4.13)

Hey folks. Still no logo...but I did go to an ultra soul-deadening employee BBQ for my work this week. Ugh. Here's what came across my desk this week.

Harmony in my head

1) Constant Constraint #1
Ned from Title Fight does this one, and while I don't really get down with that band, the zine is cool. Layout is a little bit blurry (too much indesign) but I'll forgive it for the good content. Good questions begat good answers, and my favorite bit was in the Freedom interview when they were asked about Take Offense copping the name 'United States of Mind' for their upcoming 7". Also enjoyed an interview with Nick Woj from Cold World and Zizzack from Intent.
United States of Mind
2) Extreme Aggression #1
Next up is Extreme Aggression #1.  Billed as a "metal & hardcore fanzine" and sporting King Diamond's snarling mug on the cover. A little lighter on content, but packs a wallop in the design dept. Peep the Satan's Satyrs intie below..or the completely hand written (!) Intent interview! Per the instruction page on the front, this is based outta Houston, TX, but I got it from Coke Bust's merch table. Great reading. Seriously, Satan's Satyrs is one of my favorite current bands and deserve all the praise and hype they get.

3) Hired Goons - Demo Tape
Burly skin-inflected core from somewhere in Canada. I got the tape in the mail this week without a lyric sheet (haven't been made yet) but I'm reminded of an early Sheer Terror (especially on 'Bearer of Plagues') with a little more rock and/or roll in the gee-tar bits. "Intro/Hire Power" is a brain-banger (can't catch the exact rhyme, but somewhere 'thunder' is rhymed with 'numbered') and I back the ever-lovin shit out of a good Simpson's Reference. HIREDGOONS.BANDCAMP.COM

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